Libertarian Party Candidate for congress (5th District) In the November 2018 General Election

my goal is to preserve our freedom by empowering each of us


I believe in our unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.
I believe the primary purpose of government is to protect those rights.
I believe the size, scope, and power of government has far exceeded its proper role.
I believe the time is now - not tomorrow - for us to address our spending, taxes, and debt.
I ask you to join me, support my campaign, and vote for me in November.


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Our Initiatives

Helping Homeless People Fight Covid
The Covid-19 pandemic added to the problems homeless people were facing. Even though the total number of deaths in the first phase was lower than estimated, the underprivileged groups complained about the scarcity of supplies. The Federal Government has allocated more than $4 billion to aid the people on the streets. The grants have been available through the Howard Center found HUD and regulated by local authorities. Cities and counties invest part of the funds in preventing homelessnes and the rest in purchasing and distributing supplies. Their biggest issues are limited data and tracking of the homeless people who have received help or who need it.

Integrating Adults with Autism in the Workplace
Adults with autism are the group with the most employment issues in the US. They hold the record for workplace discrimination, often being being unemployed or underemployed. In most cases, the lack of soft skills (social interaction, emotional intelligence) in people with autism can portrait them as arrogant and reduce their chances of getting a job. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), adults with autism are guaranteed equal opportunities to employment and workplace treatment. Both employers and employees are advised to stay informed and learn more on how to accommodate colleagues with a diagnosed form of autism.

The Downside of a Debt Consolidation Loan
Debt consolidation seems like a reasonable idea for the people who want to reduce the interest rate on their loans. And that’s exactly what debt consolidators advertise. In fact, that is rarely the case. Taking this form of personal loan to combine all your other debts into one may result in you paying more. Even if a consolidator negotiates your terms and reduces your monthly payment by a couple hundred dollars, you will also notice that the term of your consolidated debt is also prolonged. If you add up all the monthly payments and compare them, your payment for the consolidated debt will often be higher.

Secured Credit Cards for Young Entrepreneurs
For young people who have a small business idea and a clean credit history, secured credit cards can prove effective. Since that is a type of secured loan, you will need a money deposit as collateral. A major advantage is that the card allows for easy financial tracking and can help you build a good credit score by paying off the monthly installments on time. With minimal research on secured credit cards options, a small business like online reselling can be quickly set up and scaled later on. Be aware that failing to submit timely payments will affect your credit score, and you may end up paying more in annual fees.

Financial Literacy: What Are Non-Bank Banks?
A non-bank bank, commonly known under the acronym NBFC (Non Banking Financial Corporation) is a financial institution that provides some of the services banks have, but is not officially licenced as a bank. Mortgage companies, hedge funds, pawn shops, peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders all fall under the category of non-bank banks. NBFCs comply with financial regulations and they have some restrictions in their activity. For instance, they are not usually allowed to take deposits. Each NBFC specializes in their individual niche of customers and heavily relies on debt services to function. As prime competitors for banks, NBFC provide help to individuals and businesses going through financial difficulties.